United Front: Developing Better Spoons Group Coaching Pilot

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Total learning: 37 lessons
  • Coaching Application

    By January 1, 2021. All attendees for the coaching pilot group are screened by application and interview. Please answer the following questions and follow the instructions in this module. The application assignment includes scheduling an interview appointment with the Crisses.

  • Understanding Panic Cycles

    January 5th, 2021 group coaching session prep. What are panic cycles, how to recognize them, when we need them, and what they're doing to our body & mind.

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  • Presence & How to Achieve it

    Live on January 12, 2021 group coaching session prep. Putting an end to panic cycles gracefully when they are unwarranted; presence techniques, alternatives to grounding, peace mode, the Here & Now.

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  • Assembling Better Spoons

    January 19, 2021 group coaching session prep. How to leave peace/presence mode by way of passion/heart rather than returning to panic mode when you want to get things done again.

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  • Panic Happens: Handling Mode Switching

    January 26, 2021 group coaching session prep. Life is full of panic-worthy situations. Learn to recognize when you're back in panic mode again and get back to better spoons.

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    • Assign5.1
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    • Assign5.2

Coaching Group Introduction

More information about the coaching groups — please make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into before filling out the application.

These groups do require spoons and a time commitment beyond the scheduled live group time. Being prepared for the live sessions will help the course move further, faster, and cover more questions as well as edge cases or participant’s unique circumstances.

There’s usually more work and catch-up content at the start to make sure that everyone has covered the basics and it lightens up towards the end of the course, which gives folk a chance to get caught up or process content and ask more questions towards the tail-end of the meetings, when folk are also usually more comfortable asking questions.