Reply To: Student Introduction Topic


We’re the Collective, we couldn’t decide on a name everyone liked so it’s… that.

We’ve got… I think 24 people? Some may have gone back into the forest (which is where some of us have emerged from) so 20ish is probably about right. There’s 3 of us who front usually, often co-conscious. Another person is sort of a ‘secondary’ fronter since she pops up to deal with complicated legalese or when she can tell we’re getting annoyed at customer service.

We’ve had a vague house framework based on my(/our) best friend’s house, but it’s expanded. (We read a book which starred plurals to varying degrees of correctness… and they had a house so it was our first ‘solid’ blueprint.) Before that it was literally just a lobby room with doors.

And bean bags!

Yes, thank you.

We’d like more tools to help our system which is currently Having a period of shuffling, I think.

We’re also a system with someone who heavily identifies with the body (hi, that’s me) so don’t mind us flipping pronouns, haha.

– Matt