Reply To: Enrollees: Course Goals


What are your& goals from joining this course? We need an expanded toolbox, that much is pretty clear to us. Our current ones aren’t working as well as they should, so time to look for some more!
What would y’all like to get out of it the most? See above, but we’re hoping that the process of mapping the system will help smooth some communication and take some of the pressure off of the person here most in charge of making sure we have space. We also have a ‘record keeper’, but they’ve been glitching a bit so we’re hoping this might help.
What excites y’all about being in this course? New tools! New people! A reason not to crash after D&D on Sunday mornings!
What’s your past experience(s) with system mapping?? We’ve got our own Discord server, and we also use Pluralkit which allows us to make little profiles. We have an old document with everyone on it that we gave our therapist (she was cool with it). We’ve also tried to make maps of the literal space on paper and in minecraft, but… uh. We need some other options.