Reply To: Student Introduction Topic


Greetings. We’re currently going by “Chris&” to stand for “Chris and company” as we haven’t chosen a system name yet. This name is proving to be a bit more confusing than we would like because we have a system member that goes by the name “Chris” which appears to be a subsystem, and thus “Chris” is a “Chris&” himself. Someone in my system is wondering whether a name of “Chris&&” would be logical to denote this. we’ve known we’re a system for about 18 years.

We don’t yet know “how many” we have in our system, as it’s an ongoing process of identifying new headmates as they reveal themselves to our system. Sometimes we seek them, other times we simply “work with what we’ve got”. We’ve got a group of 6 headmates that regularly front that could be considered the “bridge officers” and/or crew, we’ve identified a few others that have fronted very rarely that could be considered “passengers”. (We’re currently avoiding using the term “stow-aways” for other rarely seen headmates, because that term would imply that someone wasn’t meant to be in the system, and we’re “feeling” our system object when we go to use that term.)

Our internal headspace has kind of a “spaceship” feel to it, but lately we (those of us that front) haven’t felt connected to the internal headspace. We’re starting to get “bodily feelings” from anxiety back from the subsystem(s) such that we might be able to start mapping connections between headmates, and that’s where it makes sense for us to take this course.

— Chris&&