Reply To: Enrollees: Course Goals


Thanks everyone, great replies so far — we’re pretty excited.

Our goal for creating the course is to attempt to do even better than our conference session and explore what teaching methods help folk the most, as well as what folk actually need to get from their maps — so that maybe some new ideas & methods come out of it. However, we won’t be too surprised if everyone’s needs are entirely unique either, if every map is wildly different, if everyone gets something different from it — but hopefully all equally fulfilling and useful on a deeply personal system-wide level.

And our experience is pretty extensive, but mostly with our own system. We’ve had access to plurals sharing their lists, details of their system, drawings, art, maps, faceclaims & various collages etc. for a long time. But interestingly we are pretty resistant to “parsing” other people’s intimate information deeply. We reflexively don’t want to study their “Stuff” so much that we might introject something or some of us feel like it’s a friend (and only a friend) sharing how well their bra fits. Like “Uh — cool, really interesting. Pretty. Looks comfie.” (Looks away). ROFL

So hopefully we’ll gracefully accept the gift of those who are comfortable sharing, and remain modest, humble, awed, and defer to others and their own wisdom, instinct, intuition, artfulness, craftiness, wily & moxy in creating their own maps that make 100% perfect, hopefully “Comfie” sense to them without staring too intently or trying to pick apart, objectify or worship their creativity and beauty. 🙂