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Lotus SystemLotus System

Hi there! We’re the Lotus System – we’re a median system of mostly trans, queer and neurodiverse women. We’ve been sitting down and communicating with each other for around a year through the IFS model, but we only realised that we’re all separate people around 3 months ago. There’s around a dozen of us who are frequently co-conscious in some combination, along with a large number of us on the other side of a hard-to-cross communication barrier. Two of our previous hosts are currently on the other side of that communication barrier, so re-establishing better communication with them is one of our major long-term goals. We also have a bunch of untracked passengers wandering around our ship, chilling out near the front occasionally, but we’ve generally let them come and go unless they actively want our attention.

One neat thing that came from our recent mapping exercise was naming our communication barrier the River Styx, a conceptual leap that’s got us thinking about loads of ways to approach establishing communication. We’re hoping as we begin mapping more frequently and learning new styles of mapping, it might lead to more conceptual leaps in ways that we haven’t currently considered!

– Amy