Reply To: Introduction Topic


Greetings to all plurals.

I’m currently going by the system name “Chris&&” because my given name is Chris, and I have a headmate named Chris that seems to be a subsystem. So my system name is “recursive”; that amuses us.

We’re currently on a quest to reduce our PTSD and C-PTSD symptoms. The PTSD symptoms we experience vary and are confusing. For instance in the past 3 days we’ve slept about 4-5 hours, and one of those days we hit a new high of 62,725 steps in one day, due to “PTSD pacing” during flashbacks.

We’re a friendly loving bunch, and we enjoy being supportive and helpful. We’re doing our best to try to figure out how to enjoy our life and joyfully share the lives of others.

We’re a traumagenic plural system with about a half dozen “bridge officers” that are always close to front and an unknown number of “below deck” headmates, many of which are still pending discovery and rescue. We’re relatively functional except for our PTSD symptoms and we’ll always have more “headwork” to do.

We’re really looking forward to joining with others in the Building Community class, as this is a class we’ve been looking forward to taking for some time. 🙂