Reply To: VIA Strengths Inventory


Thanks for sharing! I think the “interesting” thing is to compare areas more than individual strengths at least in terms of “identifying things to work on for resilience”.

So for us, the area that has all higher numbers (lower down) is Humanity (we call it Belongingness). It also didn’t score particularly well the last time we took it. So we would want to concentrate on Love, Kindness & “Social Intelligence” or as we prefer cultural humility.

Basically it means that area is our “weakest” and our highest rank in that area is a 13. It could also be a factor of who takes the survey.

We’ll go tweak the strength area map to more closely match the survey titles used. The VIA Institute tweaks their surveys from time to time and chooses different character areas or connotations as they get more information, surveys, studies, etc. So the titles have shifted over the years too.