Reply To: VIA Strengths Inventory


So following up with yesterday’s discussion, we just re-took the VIA strengths survey and had Aliessa take it, with more of an eye towards inner world stuff. Of course just changing who takes it significantly changes the results because it’s hard to answer questions for a group when they’re very “I-specific” questions. But the ones related to how one interacts with a group etc. changed, and the focus of WHOM — our inner world core, something of our inner focal point/ship’s engine etc. changed a lot of our answers. She’s like a spiritual leader/role-model/system heart. Our light in the darkness.

Reframing to looking at our answers totally inner world helps too, with regard to inner community needs. I think the external survey for how we deal with external challenges is still important. Part of why we work on inner community is to better deal with external challenges. So our group strengths dealing with external world stuff is important too.

We’re happy with the differences between our surveys. Not sure how else to explain that. There’s some slight shifts in what we would prioritize.

Wisdom: Rather than “love of learning” we internally prize curiosity. Curiosity is a better way to frame search & rescue, to deal with unknown folk in the system, drawing headmaps, etc. It ranks 5.

Justice remains “fairness” as our strength of choice. It ranks 4 regarding inner world dynamics.

Belongingness remains kindness, but inner world it ranks 2 (it ranks 13 for external world). If anyone is curious, “Love” ranks 10 with our inner world survey when Aliessa takes it as opposed to 21 external world lol

Courage, our focal strength remains Integrity. It ranks 1 external, and 1 internal. It’s the foundation of trust for our system inside & out. We see no reason to change that: it’s one of our highest values regardless.

Moderation is definitely an “area of concern” — definitely not a strength for our system, inside or out. Where Humility ranked 9 externally, we’re not that modest internally, especially not Aliessa lol. It ranked 23. External/Internal: Forgiveness 18/20, Humility 9/23, Prudence 20/13, Self-Regulation 14/24. Ouch. Our issue is trying to figure out which of these we want to strengthen. That’s tough.

We’d like to think our forgiveness internally isn’t really ranked 20 — so maybe we lost inner focus on some questions pertaining to that area. The survey is tough to switch perspective to inner world on because then it’s more individual “Criss” dealing with all-Crisses. So it’s not attuned to group interactions overall.

We’re also having specific issues with Self-Regulation lately and answered our questions based on now rather than “when we’re not in this much pain” and that certainly colors the answers.

Anyway we’re leaning towards elevating both forgiveness & self-regulation. That may be too much to expect of ourselves.

Transcendence: our strength both times is Spirituality (6/3), but we would like inner world to lift up Humor/Play (16/21) and Gratitude/Joy (24/16) as well. Sometimes we’re far too serious and really really need to lighten up in all senses of these traits. Even our spirituality could be more playful and joyous. And we think this would help us overall internally, and help our Now be a far more pleasant place to visit for those still stuck in the There/Then. Like who wants to be part of this dour stuffy serious too-much-adulting group? 🙂 We need more fun to make the Now more attractive to visit.

So, if anyone has any new perspectives on their surveys if they re-take them from this perspective let us know, here or in the group on Sundays. We found this to be very enlightening and important for us.