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Hi all We’re the DreamWriters Polyplex, a mixed-origin gateway system.

We decided to join this course since we’re kinda processing syskid/reparenting issues in therapy and a lot of the blocks we’ve been running into are trust-blocks around protectors and kids being skeptical of the Inner Parents team and that being entirely OUT of the wheelhouse of most of the Internal Parents because we’ve never really had syskids with trust issues before that we were aware of!

The folks you’ll *most likely* see around in this course are:

representing the Internal Parents team: Giselle & Phil predominantly and to a lesser extent: The Cat Caretaker, Il Dottore, Aidan, Genna, Saul, and Dominic.

representing the skeptics/rebels and the newer syskids: Loki (main protector-rebel, one of the new folks) & Vivian (a really old protector/rebel)