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Hi – this is Tracy from the Cups of Tea System, and use she/they pronouns (either is fine.) We were diagnosed when the body was 24 and now the body is 46. I started actually addressing having DID just 3-4 years ago in therapy, and it’s very slow going because I have a lot of shame/embarrassment around being a system. As far as I know, there are around 20-25 in the system and I don’t have communication or co-consciousness except when doing hypnosis in therapy. My therapist knows some of the ones in the system better than I do. I know that there is a 6yo one named Elly, and as far as I know most other ones go by ages rather than names. There is a dissociation denier called EP and I don’t know how often anyone fronts really. I live in the midwest and have joined this course to try to work more towards better trust and communication within the system. I will likely only participate via typing for privacy reasons. Looking forward to the course and information.