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We’ve been plural since forever, and can’t remember ever as a body/whole believing we were singular. So we ate our own dogfood and contemplated this question and went at least 1 or more levels deep instead of external world, we went internal world.

So Star& who used to be Crimishia/Nightwind — but then turned out she was multi-aspected along past life incarnations and they still haven’t figured out if they’re singular conscious or multiconscious — and Elvair who is kinda part of a Sense8 type of multidimensional incarnated being (one incarnation in our head of a multi-incarnated being where he is peripherally aware of the other incarnations elsewhere in the multiverse) contemplated this question as system individuals.

Also Eve went off to ponder the question regarding the Christina& subsystem who used to think it was the host of this body but turned out to be a kids in a trenchcoat subsystem, but she hasn’t gotten back to us or continued the journal/discussion.