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Hi this is Crystals we’re a trauamagenitc Dissociative Identity Response System (trying to get away from the term disorder). We were diagnosed maybe 10 years ago and have had the great privilege of working with therapist who knew more than we do and could help us as we were meeting people and do some trauma processing. We’ve been in plural online communities since right before we were diagnosed and had a group at our house for a while. We’ve taken a couple of these courses and gotten a lot out of them, although there’s resistance or maybe not everyone always on board and a lot of fear, especially around something like building trust. we’ve done a lot of system work as far as creating opportunities to learn about each other and have quite a bit of communication at times.

We are about 36 known people, blend and co-front a lot, generally there is never Just one person fronting. We are excited about the course because we’ve dropped away from system work and have done things like deny we’re a system or try to shut down system members because that’s what we thought we needed to do to function in life. It was wonderful to meet everyone last week.