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We feel bad that we didn’t apply ourselves and really do the work of the reading and homework before the course. ARen’t going to make it to group today because we have a once every couple months thing we go to and also feel bad about that.

I think the online format is hard for us right now. We have trouble reading online and do much better reading out of a book we can hold in our hands and underline. Some of us are really into the course and others I think are blocking us from doing anything with it. There’s some arguing/discussion that we should quit the course if we aren’t going to invest in it righ, cause we don’t feel it’s fair to the other participants.

I think it would be helpful for us in future courses to have an introductory session before the start of the course or before any Reading or assignments are done to explain the course, what is expected, where to find stuff. but then if this weren’t in person people would just do that all on there own. We don’t know what the hold up we have, but something feels hard and not sure if it’s our system stuff, that we have a kids who just can’t really do online stuff or technology so then just don’t know how to do stuff, or if there’s something in the format or layout. we wish we could buy the book and material to have in hard copy as sometimes we can’t read or process online. We’re used to being very competent with school and stuff, so I think not used to some of the blocks that come up in these courses that maybe have to do with multiple system members participating, which means I guess that we are getting out of the course what was intended. maybe we are just doing too much, as we are in another weekly book club/discussion with exercises and have suddenly found ourselves a bit socially and just overwhelmed.

Thanks for putting these together and for such a valuable resource.