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When it came to addressing safety issues, I think the main issue we had in the past is that we never really understood the impact unsafe situations could have on everyone else, only thinking about those who were fronting or “in-control”. While we’re currently taking steps to getting into a safer environment (We’re moving cities next month), actually asking everyone, not just individuals who front often, how they’re feeling and what they need to feel safer, gives us hope for us to start forming better trust bonds between us all.
As for accepting, I’ve always been open to everyone else in the system, since its basically all I’ve known for most of our life, but shifting my perspective on being a host and how that shouldn’t put me on an unfair pedestal, and how important it was to see everyone as on the same playing field, has made me think more about how everyone feels and tending to their needs as best as I can. It was moreso accepting us as a team and as a found family that was the struggle. Although I am aware many of us have had difficulties coming to terms with being in a system when they were first formed, and some still do to this day. We’re working on it!