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In many ways, this leveling up in system acceptance, in caring for each other, etc. becomes an investment in our system’s future. One of us may not always be the host, for example. Also note that responsibility for acceptance and meeting internal folks needs doesn’t solely fall on a host and the resources we have in the external world. Pooling inner and outer resources and getting creative can be very helpful for meeting needs and helping everyone in our system feel safer and get their needs taken care of. 🙂 We’ve seen some systems pile all the responsibility for meeting needs on the system host, or via “internalized ableism” we’ve also seen system hosts take on the lion’s share of the system responsibility for getting those needs met. We’ve found that there will be times we overcompensate and we make a point to be gentle and compassionate with each other as we figure out the balance and new rhythms for meeting needs and doing selves care activities 🙂 Also, those needs are ever-changing anyway. So working on fluidity, seeing grey areas/shading/gradations, and accepting that various things in life ebb, flow, change has been very helpful.