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This one was a loaded question with far too many answers to put into one paragraph, so I’ll sum up our ideas. The main thing seemed to be how easy it is for singular folk in society compared to plural folk. We have to navigate relationships, job prospects, and daily errands under the perspective of plurality. It’s a lot of hard work to manage all of us AND our lives at the same time 24/7. Many introjects who have memories of being on their own who now have to adapt to being in a system also miss the freedom and individuality that came with being by themselves, and many of us do wish for that to this day. But thinking about what we don’t have, makes us realise what we do have that singlets don’t. The community and support system, the open perspective on many things, such as opinions, gender, sexuality, adapting to different situations, exploring our identity and who we want to be etc. Despite what we may have “lost”, we have gained so much more in return. I don’t think any of us would want to live our life on their own ultimately. We care about each other too much lol.