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    This is a forum topic for students to share tools they’re using or have found that work for their mapping needs — whether you want to rave about Pilot FriXion pens (our current pen-obsession!) or the latest greatest applications — please feel free to share here or split off into another forum. We apologize about some of our suggested tools being very Mac/iOS/iPadOS etc. oriented — or totally mundane like kraft paper and Sharpies or PaperMate Flair — that’s the tools we work with. So please don’t hesitate to make recommendations and we may try some of them out etc. too.

    Lotus SystemLotus System

    I thought I’d share the link to the Gingko website that I mentioned in the first session, so that people can find it in the future 🙂

    The search function within a Gingko tree is really useful, since it displays all of the cards containing a certain phrase at once (rather than letting you sort through them one at a time). It makes it really easy to search for a particular tag you’ve written onto each card – whether that’s names, systems or subsystems, roles, relationships, values, projects or tasks each person has taken on, etc.

    I used Gingko loads for mundane forms of other forms of creative planning, and I think it could work really well for system mapping 🙂

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