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Ways to Support Plurality Resource & Give Back for Courses

Here are some ways to support the work done at this site, but feel free to offer stuff “outside the box” — who knows what’s possible:


These might seem like a no-brainer, but so few people do it! The NUMBER ONE way to give back is feedback. Take a course & give feedback via the forums, interact with the instructor about the materials, send suggestions — What works for you? What fell flat or didn’t fit for you? What works/doesn’t work, what you/y’all believe should be added to the course to make it more complete, etc.

Review the courses y’all complete! You can rate them — but also please take a moment if you feel comfortable doing so to leave a note for future students browsing the courses about whether it met your expectations, what issues it resolved, whether it was easy/hard, etc. Help them wrap their head around what to expect from the course, or the types of issues it helped with for y’all.


We could really use a hand with various time-donations on the site:

  • Create a course (if you are plural) — we will accept any reasonable topic, it does not need to pertain to plurality; the only requirement is that the instructors are plural. Share your special interest area or hobbies, crafting, cooking, instructions, academic topics, programming, design, etc. Learn about being a presenter on Plurality Resource – All instructors must join this course!
  • Volunteer to correct machine transcripts/captions for linked materials (podcasts, videos, etc.). We will help set you up with machine transcript correction software, all that’s required is audial discernment, the willingness to flag things you aren’t sure about, some time, and a browser with javascript. There may well be other volunteer opportunities as well.
  • Spread the word — we’re singularly lousy at promotion of our projects (and super-busy with writing and developing curriculum and various other projects). Let others know that you/y’all found the website, and what you& liked about it along with links to others.
  • Contribute content or comments on — we’re expecting a lot more cross-references & cross-referrals between these sites, so any improvement to one will help the other get traffic. Help support the site, update articles, make comments about your own experiences, or let us know if an article is broken and needs repair/updating. Similarly needs journalists, op-eds/opinion columns, etc. if that’s more your thing.


Who says no to money? Many of the courses & other website resources we provide are free or sliding scale with a few exceptions. We, however, pay monthly fees for our server, and various software we utilize to make everything tick (this site was probably the most expensive after all the plug-ins were added). We deeply appreciate folks who have the means giving to support those who do not — excess will go towards providing scholarship-based private coaching, software, or further enhancing the functionality of our server or other community websites. We hope one day to be able to drop all our other gig work to free up more hours to work on projects like these. Please send sliding-scale course fees to (this is taxable business income) & financial gifts to (non-taxable gift — please do not use for sliding-scale course payments, but as an occasional wow thanks for everything you do is ok).

Prefer to subscribe and get some bonuses? We do have a Patreon account (counted as taxable recurring business income) — and please feel free to use this as a substitute for sliding scale course fees. Our ongoing patron support is how we were able to free up the time and resources to create this website in the first place. We try to at least send some type of bonus materials every month but we’ve also given away the PDF for the Ship’s Log Planner for free, book or course previews, special videos, etc. We don’t put essential content behind the paywall though — but we do hold ourselves accountable to our patrons and will let them know what we’ve been up to with their donations lately.

Note: you can also FOLLOW us on Patreon. You don’t have to be a paying patron to get some idea of what we’re up to, some things we post publicly there.


We have plural-centric product if y’all like books or swag.