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We Are The Experts

Plurals have hundreds of thousands of hours of experience at being plural. Many therapists had about 20 minutes of sidebar on plurality in school.

The Crisses, &

How is it that so many therapists are just so gosh-darn bad at handling plurality? What’s with that?

Not only do many plural folk have far more lived experience (most hit 200,000 hours first-hand experience some time in their 20s) with being plural, but we often end up studying psychology literature and just about everything else we can get our hands on trying to figure out better ways to deal with it, and to try to find good literature to recommend to our professional team.

Now we have a platform where we can teach once, and share our collective expertise with the world.

What about other types of courses?

One of the unique things about plural systems is our capacity for diverse learning. Different headmates can have different interests and our platform gives the unique opportunity to pluralize anything. By which we mean teaching any skill, even if it’s taught thousands of times in a singular context, in the context of a plural-safe space. So we can teach watercolor painting, but as a plural system, saying “we” and addressing our students as you-and, without shame and without hesitation.

So consider this a plural-safe university, teeming with possibilities for any sort of course or continuing-ed classes, on myriad topics.  Want to teach coding? Teach it as a plural system. Want to teach how to do stop-motion animation with stuffies? Go for it! We will add categories and collections as courses are submitted by instructors.  This site does not only need to be for folk who want to work on their system and do self-help. That’s just our special interest and we have other courses on myriad topics we may put up as well.



We believe in inclusive community, and strong advocacy and support for struggling, disabled and stigmatized community members. We advocate for faster diagnosis, better therapies, adjunct & complementary offerings that can help boost the efficacy of recovery efforts on behalf of disordered, dysfunctional and struggling plural & DID systems. For our full background pertaining to creating courses on this site please see Instructor Background: The Crisses. We are an autistic, disabled, non-binary, gender-fluid, plural-identified quoigenic DID-diagnosed polyfragmented modular system with about 157+ system members of a wide variety of types. We are geeks, authors, content creators, instructors, healers, coaches, and mental health advocates. We have hEDS, CIDP, Reynaud's syndrome, several other related issues, and are transition opportunists. We live in upstate New York in the USA, and we moonlight as a pet sitter. For our full CV, please see

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