Become an Instructor

How to Become an Instructor on Plurality Resource

This site features plural instructors, on any topic — hobbies, crafts, arts, how-tos, cooking, programming, technology, science, academic courses, basic living skills, etc. Students may include singular folk, especially around certain topics. We are inclusive of all types of plurality, all topics must be clean, 13+ appropriate, and legal.

Become an Instructor

Here's how to get started becoming an instructor on Plurality Resource.

Create an Account

Get started with just your email and create an account with a username. Many choose their system name, or y'all can decide who your instructor headmate is, etc.

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Enroll as an Instructor

Enroll in the Course Developer Bootcamp — this course is required for all instructors, whether or not y'all ever do any of the lessons or use any of the downloadable forms for planning courses.

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Read the Guidelines

Read through the rules and guidelines for instructors. You can read these guidelines before or after enrolling in the Course Developer Bootcamp.

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Create Your& Course(s)

Start to develop your course. There's step-by-step guidance, forums for discussing issues or ideas with other instructors, and y'all are always welcome to contact Crisses directly if y'all get stuck or need some advice.

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We've wanted to be a teacher since we could answer "What do you want to be when you grow up?" We have courses on Udemy for singular folk — now thanks to Plurality Resource we can create courses on just about anything, for plurals, being fully open about our plurality, without singular bias oversight like we would have had at Udemy.

--The Crisses