Are there really $10,000 courses here?

by The Crisses

No. Not at all.

There’s a bit of a conundrum when running the live coaching pilot courses and the way the software works — there’s an active course running, but we can’t have any more students enroll in the course. To make sure that no one signs up for a course while it’s in session, we raise the price to the beyond ridiculous $10,000. We can’t take it offline, or hide it.

Sure gets attention though.

We wouldn’t mind someone giving us so much money to take a course, but not survivors in need. We do our best to keep available course prices for survivors very low and to not lock people out based on inability to pay.

Please don’t sign up for those courses. Wait, and they’ll be available eventually (email us if you need resources on the course topic!!).

We will work with the current students, and there will be some time after the course ends for students to finish the course, and for us to work on the course to make it ready for the public. When ready, the price will be fixed, and the course overview page will say that it’s now open as a self-led course and if it’s sliding scale, it will include the instructions for how to sign up for it.

Note, just to make sure we may make the price even higher on live professional courses in progress. We don’t want to ask for that much money even from professionals — but they are more likely to actually have that type of money.