Reply To: Week 3 Prep & Discussion


Hi! First, I just wanted to say, I hope Brielle is having a valuable and hopeful experience away! We’re looking forward to hearing about it.

Also, in the session Crisses said something that made us realize that one of the reasons one (or more) of us are so dedicated to denying our plurality is that after we initially realized we were plural, we became aware that being plural would mean that we are a member of another group stigmatized by society, and we already had enough on our plates. It was really important for us to notice that. At least one of us keeps wishing that it will turn out to be a mistake–actually we aren’t plural and everything is “normal” (what’s that mean?) and safe and there’s not (still) an immense amount of healing to be done.

Another thing we loved was Crisses’ idea that doing this work is exciting and hopeful. They compared it to “getting the band back together.” What a great and evocative metaphor. (actually, it’s a simile, but do people use that colloquially?

Thanks for all the good ideas.