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Hey, all y’all!

We are the Crisses, and we just re-did our headcount and it came out to 156 (someone almost wrote 164 so now we’re wondering who the other 8 are) when we include everything not nailed down in our head (i.e. everything that takes up mental energy/spoons/space). Of that there’s around 21 frequent fronters/officer type folk, and a chunk of crewmates (coconscious folk who generally don’t front), a number of traumaholder passengers who are not fully coconscious but also not lost or stuck, and who knows how many stowaways left to discover.

We have been mapping since 1986, when we first discovered our headmates by name and face, and we are looking forward to playing around with new maps or having fun with different mediums to map portions of our system. One of our headmates likely to do a lot of writing for this course is Moonlite (a dissociated-deaf elf), and presenters for the course will probably be several of the officers who work on the big-picture view of our system and internal landscape, such as Dreal (elf-wolf shapeshifter and mage-healer). We’re still sorting out who else might present — maybe Chrissy (a manager-role headmate within the Christina& DID subsystem), or if we get into some really interesting maps with art, it’s possible Frank (childhood schoolmate introject & comic artist) will join in.

Hope to hear back from folks! 🙂

Various Crisses