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      We’re working on opening up site forums for site members to have their own discussions outside of courses. Please use caution, be respectful and understand that this is a no discourse zone. No discussion of, accusations of, whether or not others are valid or faking will be tolerated. Everyone’s subjective experiences are valid, everyone is welcome to use whatever identity labels they please.

      Behavior will be moderated, not identities or validity. This includes behavior such as mockery of identities (i.e. “I am a toaster.” where the person/headmate in question is not sincere about being a toaster). Behave courteously to others, or you may find you no longer have an account here. You are responsible for what headmates say and do here, not who or what you are.

      Your& behavior in other community spaces may also be leveraged to decide whether you are a potentially unsafe person to have in this community.

      And at the end of the day, Crisses has final say. Why? Because it’s their server and their legal responsibility. If you misbehave towards others, they may decide you’re a personal risk at any time. Yes, that makes this a single point of final say, and we’re Ok with that.

      This is an experimental community space extended as a courtesy, not something we’re obligated to do nor something we owe to other people at our own detriment. If members of the community can’t self-regulate, self-moderate, or behave, we may decide the experiment is a failure and shut it down.

      Please link to outside videos, image repositories, etc. to conserve space on the server. We’re hoping that activity here will not interfere with other stuff going on on the server, including drive space.

      Please take good care of yourselves & each other,


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