Why Create a Plural Course website?

Hi, we are the Crisses and we thought folk might be interested in why we have this website — or all of our collective selves-help works. What’s up with “United Front” materials, or our Many Minds on the Issue podcast, or all the other things we do?

What are we doing and why?

We are absolutely driven to help plural systems who — regardless of dx or labelling, identity, etc. — are struggling with the repercussions of trauma. Our definition of plurality includes anymany who wishes to identify as plural — but our “tribe”, those we are driven most to work with and assist, are those who have experienced childhood trauma and neglect (and by extension anyone with trauma who can benefit from the same body of work).

So that’s what inspires this website to exist, and most specifically our body of work. We want plurals to spend less time in therapy on the things that therapy is not really very good at. Anything that we can help folk do with self help work, working out the issues in internal relationships and any material that should be more sociology than psychology anyway (in our opinion — or perhaps more like group dynamics or organizational psychology) then individual therapy.

We have a goal of shave time off of plural’s total therapy by moving what can be moved out of therapy to coaching, to self help blogs, podcasts, presentations, videos, lectures — whatever. We will do what we can to help plurals get as much work done outside of therapy as possible so that therapy overall goes faster, so that plurals can reach their goals faster without as many sessions with the therapist. The prognosis of 10 years of therapy (ish, give or take) not counting the time that we are misdiagnosed (statistically another six to eight years on top of that) — we’re looking at possibly 20 years of therapy. We think it’s absolutely ridiculous for anymany to be waiting around 10 years or 20 years to get back to having the life they want to lead.

So however we can, we will help with problematic relationships in plural systems, internal communication, inner world building skills, community-building projects, personal energy management, trust-building, etc. so that plurals can build up the skills they need to move along faster in therapy or in their own recovery or healing — and also help those who cannot (for any of many reasons) access therapy to become more functional without it.

It’s our hope that students will go further and faster down the healing path, and be able to go back and tell their therapist whatever progress they’re making, and hopefully spend more time in therapy on the things they really need therapy for.

If we can give you tools, perspectives and communication methods to help heal internal relationships and move them along, then hopefully it’ll reduce the amount of time that you need in therapy overall.

We aren’t doing this for kudos — what we really would like the most is to know what works for y’all. If something doesn’t work for your& system — we want to find an alternative way to get you& where y’all want to go.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you.