United Front: System Safety Plan Course

System Safety Plan

This is an entirely free course open to any plurals (or singular folk who aren’t afraid to dive into plural-centric instructions and modify to singular-appropriate language or exercises) who wish to create a safety plan.

This is a stand-alone class — there are downloadable printables and documents y’all can fill in electronically, etc. It also works with the United Front: Ship’s Log Planner, which has sections to hold portions of your safety plan so that information is at your fingertips when you need it.

Creating a safety plan is recovery-oriented work developed over the last 40-50 years of the consumer/survivor/ex-patient (peer) movement of mental health system users/survivors.  We did not “invent” this — we are translating standard instructions to make much better sense to systems who are dedicated to working together towards a shared life &/or folk who are working together towards trauma work and integration.  This is 100% compatible alongside standard/conventional therapy, and often therapists will encourage their clients to create a safety plan.

Recovery plans take time and you& may be “perfecting” your plan for months or years. It’s a continual development tool; it can grow as y’all grow, change as y’all change — if you& tweak and tune it.  You& can create it alongside other systems in groups or with other support team members or buddies, with some suggestions or input from those who know you& best, or y’all can do this entirely on your& own.  At the end of the day, this is something for y’all to work on together internally and externally, to help y’all all leave instructions for anyone who fronts to help you& all be safer together.

This course only covers safety plans; stay tuned for a System Crisis Plan course later.  This course will be a prerequisite for the System Crisis Plan course — as much of the work done in this course is imported (with tweaks) to your& System Crisis Plan.

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Total learning: 16 lessons Time: 10 weeks

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