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  • in reply to: Week 1: What Can I Change? — Exercise #57166

    This one was kinda a rough reality check.

    Surprised though by some of the good progress we’ve made in some areas from when Vivian was first active, though!

    Also realizing how many security issues which are not in our control at the moment are kinda ruling the attitudes of some folks here. which was kinda “we know this is a big deal but uuuuuuugh i have done all i can do atm!”

    in reply to: Week 1: Mourning Singularity – Journal #57165

    – honestly the frustration of DEALING with conflicting boundaries/needs/desires/expectations
    – being frustrated with a society that IS singlet-centric and often hostile both overtly and covertly to non-singlets
    – feeling embarrassed that we CAN’T be like “normative folks” (despite experiences and evidence/theories showing that humans are kinda multiconscious in general, but it’s a big spectrum; some folks just have better coherence into one entity/identity for lack of a better word)
    – both relief (at being able to drop the mask) and fear (of dropping the mask because it’s been useful to “fake-singularhood-to-the-best-of-our-limited-ability”)

    – Giselle

    in reply to: Participant Introductions #57129

    Hi all We’re the DreamWriters Polyplex, a mixed-origin gateway system.

    We decided to join this course since we’re kinda processing syskid/reparenting issues in therapy and a lot of the blocks we’ve been running into are trust-blocks around protectors and kids being skeptical of the Inner Parents team and that being entirely OUT of the wheelhouse of most of the Internal Parents because we’ve never really had syskids with trust issues before that we were aware of!

    The folks you’ll *most likely* see around in this course are:

    representing the Internal Parents team: Giselle & Phil predominantly and to a lesser extent: The Cat Caretaker, Il Dottore, Aidan, Genna, Saul, and Dominic.

    representing the skeptics/rebels and the newer syskids: Loki (main protector-rebel, one of the new folks) & Vivian (a really old protector/rebel)

    in reply to: Enrollees: Course Goals #56609

    What are your& goals from joining this course? Updating LOOONG overdue maps as a part of selves-identity-exploration this month.
    What would y’all like to get out of it the most? honestly not sure, but maybe some definite clarity on some of the new folks and where they fit in the wider system (between the pandemic, neurodivergent hyperfixations, and processing work in therapy we’ve had a growing awareness of a surge in stowaway membership).
    What excites y’all about being in this course? Honestly mostly excited about using this as a framework to get things done.
    What’s your past experience(s) with system mapping? we’re pretty experienced tbh. But always interested in new tools and new models we might not have thought of!

    in reply to: Week 3 Prep #54066

    – The survey linked in the live followup 3.9 doesn’t have this group in the dropdown (seems to be the old copypasta from previous groups)? /lighthearted

    – Capricorn

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