United Front: System Mapping Group Coaching Pilot

System Mapping

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This coaching group will open for applications very soon.

How do you locate and assist stuck or lost headmates and help them find their way (back) to the Here & Now?

4 Sundays: April 11th to May 2nd 11:30am – 1:00pm EDT

Application cut-off 5am April 2, EDT. Please enroll if interested and fill out application ASAP; an interview must also be completed by Monday April 5th.

We will accept between 4-8 students. If there are less than 4 student applications submitted for consideration we will reschedule or cancel.

Join us in this 4-week coaching group to learn more about:

  • How to use mapping to “feel out” your system
  • Different styles of headmaps and ways to create them
  • How to utilize headmaps for selves-help work with the principle of As Inside, So Outside (& Vice Versa)
  • Using headmaps to help improve internal communication

This coaching group will cover & discuss:

  • Inner world awareness basics
  • Internal communication basics (roll-calls, pings, etc.)
  • Technology that can be used to create and maintain headmaps

Suitable candidates for this introductory-level group coaching will need:

  • To be in reasonable communication with at least one other headmate
  • Not to be in crisis or constant denial
  • The willingness to explore your inner world and possibly discover new headmates

This coaching group will be a mix of recorded presentations and written materials/suggested assignments along with live discussion or Q&A. To get the most from the course students will need to take advantage of all the provided materials unless they are marked as optional or suggested.

Course Content

Total learning: 3 lessons



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